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If your roof is in need of being replaced then look no further than our free service. Your roof protects you and your building from outside elements and plays a crucial role in the health of both. That's why you need a service that only deals with reliable, pre-screened roofers that are ready to help you save time and money.

If you want to get some free quotes for roof replacement then our free service can arrange for up to four quotes to be delivered direct from local pre-screened roofers chosen for their excellence in the field.

Each and every roofer on our network has undergone a strict screening programme and had their work rated by the public. To get free quotes from fully approved roofers you can trust, simply apply online for our free and easy service.

The Importance of a Good Roof

Your roof is critical in safeguarding your property

roof replacement

Your roof is perhaps the most important part of your home or office, and plays a number of crucial roles in preserving the integrity of your building. It's therefore of the utmost importance that any replacement work you need carrying out is done by competent, approver roofers that you can trust.

A new replacement roof that it installed correctly will keep out the elements, which in turn will keep your possessions dry and perhaps more importantly keep the fabric of the building dry. Not only does this preserve the strength of the building, but stops the formation of damp and mould which can be a health hazard to those residing or working in it. It will also keep animals and insects out that could cause further damage to the building overall. A well insulated roof also keeps regulate the temperature of the building by keeping the heat in during the colder months and can therefore even help reduce your heating bills.

With such a critical element of your house or office it pays to make sure any replacement work needing to be carried out is done by local experts.

What are the Benefits of a New Roof?

A replacement roof brings numerous benefits

new roof benefits

There a numerous advantages to upgrading your current roofing if it is not fit for purpose from a simple increase in aesthetics to more serious considerations like a increase in safety. Take a look below at some of the benefits residents are enjoying.

  • Safety If your roof is at the point where it needs to be totally or partially replaced then it is likely posing a safety risk. Not only might it be on the point of collapse with the potential to cause injury, but it might be starting to leak which can cause problems with the internal building structure and even cause health issues due to mould and damp.
  • Energy Savings A new roof installation will help significantly with the insulation of your building. When paired with the latest spec insulation you could notice a significant reduction on your heating bills as a large portion of heat is lost through the roofing. Due to this reduction in energy bills, it will also increase your EPC score and could therefore increase the value of your property..
  • Aesthetics A new roof is a immediate improvement to the aesthetics of a building. Dilapidated roofing stands out and can decrease the value of properties, particularly when compared to a similar properties with a better conditioned roof.
  • Manufacture Warranty The peace of mind you get with a new roof covered by a manufacturers warranty is not to be overlooked. It is a significant investment so knowing you are covered in case any faults should occur brings added peace of mind.
  • Good Investment All of the points mentioned above lead to a further benefit... upgrading your roofing is generally a very good investment when it comes to property value. Not only can you recoup some money on energy bills whilst enjoying the new look of your property, but you can do so knowing that the value has increased and should cover the initial costs when it comes to selling.

These are just a few of the reasons why replacing your old roof can be very advantageous for safety, energy reduction and aesthetics. Of course you might not have an option if you are facing an emergency situation, and we have provided more information on that below.

When is it Time To Replace a Roof?

Discover the signs that your roof needs to be replaced

time to replace a roof

If you're lucky (and observant) you should notice the signs that your roof is in need of replacing before anything catastrophic happens and the choice is taken out of your hands. Below are some of the warning signs that your roofing might not be as healthy as it appears.

Interior Signs

  • Ceiling sagging If you notice any sagging in your interior ceilings, or any cracks forming in the plasterboard etc. then that could be a sign of a faltering roof and should be looked into immediately.
  • Signs of water damage If you notice any water staining or damage either on your ceiling, around your light fittings or even down the wall then it's likely your roof is compromised. This can cause risks from structural instability to health hazards due to mould spores.
  • Visible light A clear an perhaps obvious sign that your roof is no longer functioning well is being able to see the sky when you look a the ceiling! It's not always as obvious as it might sound though, and looking in a darkened room during daylight is the easiest way to spot any holes.

Exterior Signs

  • Age Depending on the age of your current roof and the material used, it might be quite simply that age is the reason for replacement. Most modern houses with tiled roofing can expect them to last over 50 years.
  • Worn, cracked tiles A sure sign that the roofing material needs to be replaced, particularly if the damage is spread across the entirety of the roof. If this is the case then replacing a few tiles here and there may prove futile.
  • Holes appearing One hole might be a sign of some isolated roof damage. Multiple holes can mean that something more serious is wrong with your roof which could lead to total replacement being needed.
  • Sagging roof One of the more serious indications that there is a problem with your roof. A sagging roof could mean the A-frame has failed, or that there are issues with the entire structure (or even foundations). A sagging roof is easy to spot, but often means that the damage is serious and needs to be inspected immediately.

Few people do more than a cursory glance at their roofing when taking in the shopping, but it is worth looking out every few months for some of the tell-tale signs that could mean your roof is struggling in one shape or another.

Total or Partial Replacement?

New roof or partial replacement? How to make the right decision

total or partial  roof replacement

Depending on the severity of your roof damage you might not need a total replacement. When assessing your roofing a decision can be made as to how much to replace, and whether your roof falls into the 'repair' category.

Total Roof Replacement

If your roof is visibly damaged throughout it's entirety then you have very little option other than a total replacement. If A-frames and joists are bad then it is wise to replace them all (even if some seem okay). Typically if 50% of your roof needs replacing then a completely new roof should be considered to future-proof it against any further damage or decay.

Partial Roof Replacement

If only a portion of your roofing (for instance a wing or extension) needs replacing it can be know as a partial replacement. This approach can save a great deal of money whilst preserving the integrity of your roofing structure. It's worth noting that having one new section, and one older section of your roof can lead to future problems if the older section degrades to the point of replacement, which is why many opt to replace the roof in it's entirety. Smaller works will then fall under the roofing repairs bracket.

Why Might a Roof Need Replacing?

Why residents might need a new replacement roof installed

why replace a roof

We've looked at some of the signs that you may need a new replacement roof, but here are a few reasons as to why many people choose to undertake such a large project:

  • Age: Perhaps the most common reason for replacing a roof is old age. As with all building work there is typically a shelf-life, and if you have purchased an older building then the age of the roof is an important consideration.
  • Damage: It is actually fairly uncommon for damage to be a reason to install a new roof as it tends to be localised to an amount that is repairable. It has to be fairly catastrophic damage to warrant a complete replacement such as a tree fall or incorrect initial installation.
  • Renovation: Converting an old barn? Changing the use of some outbuildings to a holiday let? Your current roofing might be fit for the old purpose but will likely need to be replaced up to current roofing regulations if you want to house people instead of animals underneath it!
  • New build: Not so much a replacement but simply a new roof installation. If you are building a new structure it will need a complete roof system that is fit for purpose. Of course it will need to comply will all planning and building regulations so be sure to check beforehand.

Of course there are many other reasons as to why you might need a replacement roof installed. One factor remains consistent however, and that is the need to hire reliable, trustworthy, professional roofers to carry out the work. Our free service can help you along every step of the way.

Average Roof Replacement Costs

It's a big job but there are significant saving to be made

 roof replacement costs

In order to give you a rough idea of the costs involved when replacing a roof we have compiled some average figures for some typical sized houses using common roofing materials . The range of prices emphasises the need to compare quotes as they can vary noticeably for what is exactly the same job.

Job Material Lower Range Upper Range
2 bed bungalow Tile £3500 £6000
3 bed semi Tile £4500 £7250
4 bed detached Tile £5500 £9000
2 bed bungalow Slate £4000 £6000
3 bed semi Slate £5000 £8000
4 bed detached Slate £6500 £11150

It's also worth noting that the bigger and higher up the job then scaffolding with likely have to be used which can add to the overall costs significantly. It can take a scaffolding team hours to erect and disassemble and can cost anywhere from £500 to £800 on top of the roofing costs.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Unfortunately there is no escaping the fact that replacing your roofing is a major job which will carry with it a substantial price tag.

  • Labour costs are unavoidable as it can take anything up to 3 weeks to complete.
  • Material costs are variable according to the type of material you clad your roof with.
  • Accessories such as guttering, fascias and soffits are often overlooked and needed to complete the job.

Roof Replacement Costs Calculator

Due to the variety of materials and the variations per roof such as pitch, size and height then it's very difficult to provide a cost calculator online that would be accurate for both you and the roofing company. The most effective way to get an accurate quote is to apply online via our form and hear direct from local roofers who can quote you for the work direct.

Frequently Asked Questions

From frequency to the replacement process, your questions answered

Here are a selection of frequently asked questions regarding the replacement of roofing that we thought you might find useful. We're sure you have many more, so it's best to get in touch with some approved local roofers to discuss your requirements further. Simply complete our online form to hear more.

The answer to this question depends on your roof material. A tiled roof should last 40-50 years before the tiles need replacing. A clay roof should last anywhere up to 100 years. Slate roofing can last anything from 100-400 years. In fact with all long-lasting roof covering it is often the case that the wooden supports underneath need to be replaced before the tiles themselves. Other roof materials will last a shorter amount of time, for instance flat roofing is normally only guaranteed for 10-20 years, and thatch up to 50 years.

Taking a standard tile replacement job as an example... the job always starts with a visit from an assessor who will take detailed measurements of your roof and the structure supporting it. Once the job is approved, materials are ordered and necessary permits attained. Over a period of 3-5 days your roof tiles will be removed, and the structure underneath inspected and any damage rectified. The roof is then re-decked, re-sealed and the new tiles laid into position. Any flashing, caps and vents will also need to be installed to ensure the roof is completely watertight especially against elements such as chimneys.

Any quote you receive to replace you roofing should cover everything you need to complete the job. It should include all the materials needed including the roof covering, and underlay, flashing, gutters, vents etc. It should also include the complete removal and disposal of your old roof to save you being left with piles of old roof material. You should be given an approximate time for completion (though weather could hamper this) and you should also be given a warranty for both the materials and the installation.

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions we receive about replacement roofing , and we will continue to add to the list as we receive them. If you have any further questions it's best to simply get in touch with local roofers using our quick online form. You can benefit from their experience and get a quick quote for the work at the same time!

Roofing That Can Be Replaced

What types of buildings can benefit from new roofing?

types of roofing

All roofing will likely need replacing at some point or another, it's simply a matter of longevity of the materials. The most common requests received can be seen below:

House Roofing

It's not uncommon for houses to need a replacement roof. When considering a new house purchase a survey should consider the condition of the current roof and you may have to factor in a replacement into the price you are willing to offer. Regardless of the fact that it is a large job, it's a relatively straightforward one that shouldn't deter you from making the purchase. It can also add value to your property and with a proper warranty on the materials and the installation it is unlikely to be something you will have to worry about in the future.

Office Roofing

Office roofing tends to be flat and of different materials than home roofing. Typically they don't last as long as a tiled roof so will need replacing more regularly. That being said even a flat roof made from felt can have a 10-20 year guarantee so it isn't a regular expense to be considered. Your office roof might be corrugated, metal sheeting or even plastic. All of which can be replaced if needed and will provide you with many dry office years afterwards.

Garage Roofing

We receive numerous requests for a replacement garage roof. They can be anything from tiled extensions to a traditional house to separate buildings with tiled or flat roofs. Either way it's important to have a good roof in place, particularly if you are storing anything of value in them that needs to stay dry such as cars. Typically the costs are far lower than that of a house or office as they tend to be single-storey and far smaller.

Flat Roofing

flat roofing requests are numerous and cover a whole range of roofing styles and materials. So much so that we've dedicated a page on our website to them. From felt roofing that typically lasts 10-20 years to metal, plastic and fibreglass roofing. They were a popular choice of roof for outbuildings, garages, extensions and offices.

Resources & Links

Need more information? Take a look at the website links below

roofing resources and links

If you'd like even more information about anything to do with your roof then you may find the links below helpful. We've compiled a list of some of the most recognised and influential websites in the industry which are packed full of useful facts and guidance. Remember if you'd like to speak to someone who can advise and recommend a solution that suits your individual roofing requirements then simply use our free service and apply online.

  • Roof Wikipedia Entry - A surprisingly useful page which details elements of roofing which you may not know. Also includes some useful links in the resources section for further reading.
  • Which? How much should you pay? - A Which? survey contacted a number of roofers to determine how much standard replacement jobs should cost.
  • Money Saving Expert Forum - Discover what others are saying about new roofing costs on the Money Saving Expert forum.
  • The National Federation of Roofing Contractors - The UK’s biggest roofing trade association which currently represents more than 70% of the roofing industry by value.

There's a lot of information out there, and it can be quite daunting if you're not quite sure where to start with your roofing needs. When you're ready, complete our online form and speak direct to local experts which can offer further advice and help you make the right decision for both your roof and your budget. It's the easiest way to get a clear idea of what work you need undertaken.

Emergency Roof Replacement

Need emergency assistance with your roofing? Read below

emergency  roof replacement

Though rare, on occasion an emergency situation may arise that means you need to replace a section of your roof in a hurry. This could be due to tree or storm damage, or the failure of one of the supporting structures. Typically these fall under emergency roof repairs as the damage is rarely big enough to warrant replacing the entire roof. If you're in the unfortunate situation whereby you need some emergency roofing work carried out then our service can still be of assistance. You can apply for quotes at any time of the day, and you can specify that you need the work carried out as soon as possible.

With any emergency situation, it's important to ensure you are safe, and it may be the case that you have to find alternate accommodation if you roof is in such a state of disrepair that it could prove hazardous.

Trade roofing work

We're looking for reliable roofers to join our network

trade roof replacement jobs

Replacing a roof is a highly skilled job and it is imperative that it is carried out by skilled, trustworthy roofers to ensure the safety of the building and the occupants. If you're a quality roofer that operates in the area and you would like to receive high quality roofing leads from residents then please get in touch. We only accept quality applicants of the highest standard onto our network.